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Dynamic Changes in Business situations lead to price fluctuations based on Demand and Supply Situations. Considering that the Option of buying are many and the world is one and competitive advantage is loosing its sheen. The winner and survival is based on pace, real time information and minimum holding and delivery period. Concept of JIT, Kaizen is now all online and on Palm reaching to the smallest of the buyer and sellers. JIOHUKUM is a PLATFORM where Supply from multi sellers and advance demandfrom multiple buyers is aggregated, matched and processed for quality, margins. After processing and forecasting, best possible Margins and winning of the orders is made simple and On the GO. This is product agnostic, country and currency agnostic.

Demand Management

Demand Forecast Accuracy. Analyis helps to accurately determine the demand from multiple buyers at one go.

Supply Management

Lead-Time Forecasting is based on the knowledge and information of the availability and delivery time of sources of supply.

S & OP Process

Order-Cycle Optimization. Matching, processing, Next determine how much inventory you should carry between orders, by balancing your cost of carrying inventory against the cost of acquiring inventory.

Order-Validity Assurance

Ensure that your orders are rounded to accomodate SKU rounding requirements; structured to meet supplier and logistics constraints.

While assuring that inventory is positioned properly to assure product availability for future orders.

Service-Level Strategy

Determine the level of in-stock performance you desire each of your SKUs to achieve.

Replenishment Planning

Build the basic orders to cover base demand and achieve your SKU/location specific service-level goals.

Special-Order Considerations

Determine the appropriate increase in order quantities to cover uplifts in demand due to promotions or other demand-shaping events, or due to forward buying or other profit generating purchasing opportunities.

Support Services

We help in processs improvement , automation, integration, trade financing local and internationa and connecting retailers with buyers along with sales promition and collection.


Customisation as per the situation and requirement. Multiple technology and as in our product.

Gap & Effort Analysis

Multiple Domain Expertise helps in connecting and better involvement and results

Financial, Commercial and Legal

Automation and process improvement must take into account these aspects bring in technology

Trading & E Dealer

EDealer and Trading can be handled on real time basis along with closure of deals and payment of advance and confirming of logistics.

Why choose us?

We Belive that Knowledge, Tools, Execution and Speed with involvement are 4 pillars which creates strong foundation for Depth, Breadth and Height of Business, Personal and Employee Health.

Industry Expertise

Technical,Financial,Processes,knowledge of more Thane 30 Industries...

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Solve,Satisfied,save, Sell, Social and Serve

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Profile, Team & Advisors

Palm Top Enterprises Pvt Limited was started in 2014 and by have developed solutions and tools for the benefit of the Industry and People. We always believed that Real Time Connectivity People, MIS, Analysis, shall help reliable handling of business and operations. Ease of doing business and technology at cheaper prices on Palm should be key in this era. ZoDeliver, ZoStaff, ZoGuards has been crafted based on the actual gaps in Industry and to attend pain points that remain without solution.


Dr CS Monika Goel

Rajesh Kr Soni

Er P Chatterjee

Er Vikas Wadhera

Er Sujeet Kumar

Advisors , Investors and Mentors

Dinesh Goel

CA Samarth Garg

Dr K Misra

N Aggarwal

Pramod B Sethi

Vinayak Joshi

CA Somnath Patil

Mr Nidhi Narang

Deepesh Gambhir

Our Users / Pilots / CLients / Partners in Growth

We have operationalisedd modules and have successully ran the Pilots, and regular solutions in last 3 years of development and improvement.

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+91 844-844-8696

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